How to Write SEO rich Headline Content that drives more Traffic

How to write seo rich headline content

Search engine optimization (SEO) caters you to achieve a rank in the search engine results, and when your content is SEO-friendly then that truly complies with the algorithm and gives you a desired result on the search engine. But to enhance your visit rate you need to focus on your headlines first which is a vital step for a Great SEO.

 In terms of SEO-rich content, the most frequent view is to stuff more focus keyword in the content. There are common approach on headlines is to consider to enhance the focus keyword. But it’s vital to consider that headlines plays and create a key role for a good SEO.

 According to a research, only seven out of 10 people read a headline of the content, and only 20% of them will read the content. Therefore, emphasizing only on the SEO content for the headlines is not sufficient.

Here we will study a detailed learning on different approach of a White Hat SEO and an insight on different aspect of SEO Content Optimization.

We will go Step by Step to understand the fundamental.

What Is Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rate (CTR) identifies the number of clicks a specific link gets from the impression total.
Every time a link comes across through search results pages. A click-through rate, on the other side is the count of the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click, known as:

 CTR = Clicks/Impressions

CTR have an impact because it shows how the title tags are effective in search engine results pages (SERPs). So it important to understand the difference between the high and low click through rates.

 High CTR recognize that the title matches the user search keyword and is effective enough so more user gets attracted

 Low CTR means the user is not able to connect with the title tag or not matching their intent

Factors that may affect Click through rate are:

 User intention for search
 Search position or ranking
 Title tag
 Meta description
 URL slug
 Exposure in search snippets

SEO content developer writes or create content that have high chances of search results and they also keep any eye on SEO performance.

Best SEO Practices For Title Tags

These tips however are very helpful to improve SEO-related titles and increase the performance of White Hat SEO.

1.    Research and use the Appropriate Keyword

Keyword research is the bible of SEO. Usually, this process requires a thorough research of a list of primary keyword along with various permutation and combination. Defining titles and headlines, is the main key or the focus keyword..

At any condition, keyword research is vital, and there are ample of SEO tools that provide SEO content services for writing where SEO content developers can also use Free Keyword Research Tools

Freelancer or the Independent content writers often utilize such tools available on the portal to analyze their focus keyword. However, while they give and excellent results, but sometimes they do not include many other features which is adequately is available only in paid research tools.

There are tools widely available like

Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends

Keyword Tool

Premium Keyword Research Tools

These are many SEO research tool that requires subscription which is very beneficial for the content creators and digital marketing agencies which provide an adequate keyword planner.

There are many Premium tools available for better SEO.

 Moz Keyword Explorer

2. Know User Search Intent

Search intention, also known as user intent, user intent and keyword research refers to the final aim of users whenever they search a keyword on the search engine. Google, for example has made great understanding on identifying on user search intent and displays answers using rich results with overview of users.

Usually, there are different ypes of search intents in target audience research:

• Navigational Intent: These are search phrases used by user who already acknowledge what they want to search, like a website, page, location or contact information.
• Informational Intent. Most queries are informational, in which the people want to learn something new. Generally, they search for questions like who, why and when.
• Transactional Intent. These are certain queries where users want to perform certain transaction or any action certainly. Purchasing is the very frequent intention of the user, but sometimes there are also intent of composing a mail.
• Commercial Intent. These search are somewhere in between the transactional nature or information intent. Here in these case the user wants to do some research before the intent.

3. Target Two Keywords

Mostly SEO digital marketing services company and content creators develop a target to find out their primary keywords along with the secondry  keyword approach. So than limitation to the content there is an option of having more than a single keyword for better visibility. It is also beneficial so that the keyword will attract more traffic that will be organic one.

There are two essential thing vital to make more than a single keywords in a headline strategy criteria

• The two keywords must comply with the same content, which is why many user would utilize an amalgamation of a series or same intent of product or a field.
• The keywords must be similar to the people search criteria and the SERP identified the user intent.

Here are always two different types of headlines to illustrate:

• The 7 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research. Such headline tells people that  they can acknowledge more about the distinctive SEO keyword research tools.
• The 7 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research in the Budget. By increasing the keyword or altering the keyword will increase the chances of user intent.

4. Limitation of the Title Length

 “Title tags are mere not the only ranking criteria, nor they have any specific recommendation of certain length with the technical level or with some limitation.

 Basically, the best SEO and Digital marketing agencies best recommend their title length to be very specific and have usually limitation of 50 to 80 characters. This is ideally the best criteria on the search engine result pages where they appear on the search pages. On search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing there is a however a limit to how much the content should be displayed on the pages without cutting the excess words and the title limit tag.  

Search Engine would certainly  rewrite the title tag if it long according to the required text. However the long tag not fit the whole screen and may chop the content or a fits into one line according to the page review.

While words count not adequately matter to SEO, but it is core importantly matter to the user. The content which is on the page should be more appealing and understandable to the user intent because however the ultimate action is to be taken by them.